Spiritual Gathering NC

Spiritual Gatherings

Are you ready for a change? Looking for answers and like-minded people to talk with? Monthly gatherings to discuss thoughts and ideas to move ourselves and our community into a better future. Discussions on everything from Spiritual Growth, Alternative Health & Healing, Meditation, Raising Consciousness, Supernatural or the Unexplained and more. Positive, motivational and healing.

Monthly Zoom Meetings

Discussions, presentations on a variety of subjects from experts in the field and sharing of info to explore on your own. (websites, books, movies, speakers, teachers, etc) Please check back for upcoming dates and times. Typically mid-month, Sunday evenings.

Zoom Gatherings: Please email me at DeniseHealer @ gmail.com, to receive the link. Also available to members in the private Facebook group (see below). Link sent our for Zoom the Friday prior to the Sunday zoom.

Facebook Group

Join us on our private Facebook Group as well. This Facebook group page is mainly for meeting/event notifications and sharing of info for self exploration, not for open discussions.  That will be done in the meetings. Click the Facebook link in logo below. Thanks.


In this group all good and positive views are encouraged. You can choose what to review, pass along or just pass on.
All good things you see, read or hear about can be shared. Please forward to me to put on the pages/emails/etc to the group when needed.
Course to take, books to read, websites to visit, people to follow, music to listen to, and more.
Click here for files and info: https://mindbodyhealing.biz/spiritual-gathering-nc/vault-files/