Spiritual Gathering Events

Monthly Zoom meetings: For a smooth experience, set yourself up in a quite space with no distractions where you can relax. The Zoom waiting room will be open 5 – 10 minutes before the meeting. The first half will be about the subject for that week and then our guest will present during the second half. There will be a 5 to 10 min Q&A at the end of each section and a wrap up with where you can access information from the session. If time allows, you’re welcome to stay on the zoom for an additional 15 minutes for further discussion. Zoom replays will be posted here 24-48 hours after each event.

Sunday, January 21st, 2024 ~ 7:30pm EST Guest: Vesta Millard Topic: Astrology for the new year. (sorry no replay available)

Sunday, February 11th, 2024 ~ 8pm – 9pm EST Guest : Rebecca Roseberry of  PureNewtrition   Topic: How her work can benefit you. She is a Medical intuitive, nutritionist, clairvoyant, healer.  Rebecca holds a Masters Degree in Nutrition and Food Science, certifications in Total Body Modification, Akashic Field Therapy, 13th Octave LaHoChi,  and the Avatar Course Master program.  She is well versed in Contact Reflex Analysis and other energy medicine techniques, too many to name. 
LINKS: website PureNewtrition * Youtube * Facebook Page * North Carolina

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Sunday March 17th, 2024 ~ 8pm-9pm EST Guest: Denise Ortiz of Mind Body Healing Topic: What in the World??? Taking a look at where we are and where we’re going. Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, Intuitive Healing, NLP, EFT/Tapping, Prana Energy Work, Chakra/Aura cleansing, Spiritual Coaching and Inspirational Speaker.  Over 25 years of practice and study in all things spiritual and holistic.
LINKS: website Mind Body Healing * Facebook Page * Youtube * Ocean Isle Beach, NC

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Due to technical issues, the April Zoom Replay is not available.

Sunday May 19th, 2024 ~ 8pm-9pm EST Guest: Katherine Zimmerman of Trance Time Topic: Stress Relief with breathing techniques & acupressure Katherine is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, and EFT Practitioner & Director of the California Hypnotherapy Academy. She’s been in private practice since 1989, teaches hypnosis and like subjects at conferences nationwide and authored numerous hypnosis manuals. An internationally known author and speaker she has served on the boards of some the top hypnosis organization.
LINKS: website Trance Time * Facebook Page * Instagram * California

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Here is the link to her videos referenced in this zoom. https://trancetime.com/resource-videos/

Sunday June 9th, 2024 ~ 8pm – 9pm EST Guest: Vesta MillardTopic: I’ve got a Crystal for That!
Vesta has studied rocks, fossils and crystals since she was a teen. She’ll discuss how to benefit from nature’s tool box (those lovely crystals) and how they can help us with our everyday needs. Vesta has her own unique method of breaking down the meaning and purpose of crystals into 5 main categories – Health, Love, Abundance, Protection & Magic! She’ll talk about how to find your crystal, cleanse & charge them.

Sunday July 14th, 2024 ~ 8pm – 9pm EST Guest: TBA

Sunday August 11th ~ 8pm – 9pm EST Guest: Samantha Parker, AP, LMBT, MLD-CTopic: Ayurvedic Medicine

Sunday September 15th ~ 8pm – 9pm EST Guest: Carol Asiaghi – Topic: Shamanic Healing

Sunday October 13th ~ 8pm – 9pm EST Guest: Chris Gordon – Topic: The Chakra’s

Sunday, November 10th ~ 8pm – 9pm EST Guest: Suzanne Sweeney – Topic: Energy Medicine

Sunday, December 15th ~ 8pm – 9pm EST – Guest: Denise Ortiz – Topic: End of Year Wrap Up

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